How is volume for distance movements calculated?

The way volume is calculated for a distance movement can be confusing at first. Due to differences in units of measurement, it’s impractical to calculate volume in a reps times resistance manner such as with weighted movements. If you were to multiply the weight by the distance the volume would depend on the unit of measurement for the distance, and with different units you would never be able to compare one workout to another unless they were always done in the same unit.

To overcome this, all distance measurements are standardized to meters. You can see this by entering a resistance of 1 with 1 as the distance and meters as the distance unit, you will see that the total volume is 1.

On the other hand, if you enter 1 and use feet as the distance, your total volume will be 0.3 because of the conversion to meters.

In short, the volume number for distance movements is meaningless taken at face value but enables you to compare disparate workouts with a standardized unit of volume.