How are complexes or circuits entered?

adaptifier is primarily intended to gather the most accurate and precise data that can be used to improve your training. If your highest priority is improving a specific movement, you will probably improve the most by working on that movement individually, and timing it alone.

To maximize time, for more of a metabolic training session, or for various other reasons you may want to complex or circuit your movements. The way we enter these in adaptifier is simple, but is best illustrated with an example.

In this case, the person was doing a superset (two exercises paired together) of deadlifts and push presses. The total time of the superset was 10 minutes. You enter the exercises just as you would normally, except with the total time of the circuit.

The rationale for this is simple: the total amount of time it actually took you to do either of the individual exercises was 10 minutes. You did not do 25 reps of the deadlift in 5 minutes, you did it in 10 minutes. The fact that you were not resting during that time is immaterial.

Note that the density reflected in your training data will be most accurate if you perform movements one at a time, sequentially. It will be also be reasonably if you always perform them in a circuit fashion with roughly the same number of exercises (ie: always superset.) The density in a day of barbell deadlifting paired with 3 other exercises will not be comparable to a day of 2 exercises.